There are virtually no limits to the number of strategies for building your successful business around our precious metals affiliate program. And, the more affiliates that join the program, the more ideas will be shared in the future! Below are just a few examples of strategies that are working for our existing affiliates.

  • Gold and Silver Parties

    This is like the old-fashioned Tupperware party but with a new important twist! Instead of convincing your friends to come buy something, you are the one buying from them!

  • "We Come To You" Ads

    Plain and simple, take out ads in various media and attract sellers. They invite you to come to them to buy. You know your customer is ready to sell before you make the trip! You provide a written purchase offer and then let them decide.

  • Build Your Own Network

    Really want to jump start your earnings? Recruit others who want additional income to sell to you. This works especially well for part-timers.

  • Supplement your existing business (consignment store, antique store, etc.)

    Do you already have a storefront business? Then this is the perfect addition to make extra income. On top of what you will make by buying their goods, watch them turn right around and make purchases in YOUR store with the proceeds you just gave them!

  • Open A Buying Shop

    Open a storefront or buy space in an existing businesses storefront or antique mart. We supply the initial advertising materials and you’re in business!

  • Church/School/Charity Fundraisers

    Always looking for ways to fund their initiatives, these organizations need your help! You can be the one to fund their next project by hosting an event at their site and giving a donation based on a percentage of each purchase.

Whatever your business idea, our team of experts will assist you in getting started so you can build your business rapidly!

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