• Record Gold and Silver Prices

    Gold and silver are at their highest levels in 30 years. A small amount of gold or silver adds up to a big wad of cash. Folks are pleasantly surprised with your offers.

  • Rampant Unemployment

    Folks are having a hard time finding jobs. They are having to sell things in order to pay bills. The fact that you are paying more than your competitors means you are helping these folks by paying more than they would have received elsewhere.

  • Tight Credit

    Many Americans lived beyond their means by using plastic. Now they have maxed out their credit cards and are in a bind. They spent too much and never saved for a rainy day. You help them by providing a way to turn goods into cash. Things they bought when money was easy are now a means of paying bills during these hard times.

  • Aging Baby Boomers

    Over 10,000 Americans are retiring each day. Many of them lost much of their retirement savings in the stock market crash. When you pay top dollar for their gold or silver, you are providing a valuable service by relieving financial stress.

It all adds up to a Golden Opportunity! You do well by doing good. Learn more about us